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Apr.17.2009 Cheerleaders go to strip club, get coach fired

High school cheerleaders are tricky beasts. Sometimes they purposefully get their hot high school coach fired for posing nude in Playboy, other times they ask their coach to take them to a male strip club and get fired.


It was a field trip of sorts for high school cheerleaders — to a male strip club.

Lori Epperson has resigned from her teaching position in southwest Ohio.

A Butler Tech school district spokesman says Epperson took four girls to a strip club.

Epperson told school officials she had gotten permission from the parents of the 17- and 18-year-olds to bring them to Club Masque in Dayton.

She says the girls asked her to take them to the bar.

I should warn Ms. Epperson that the “The underaged girl was asking for it” defense rarely works, at least in my experiences.

Seriously though what is up with teenage cheerleaders these days? Did they all see Bring It On growing up and decide that it was an acceptable way for cheerleaders to conduct their business? Because it’s not, girls. It’s inappropriate for you to do things like this. Cheerleaders have a very high standard of excellence, primarily involving spelling out animal names rhythmically and getting deep dicked by a star high school quarterback who’s going to end up working at a Denny’s. All of these firings and strip clubs are really keeping you from becoming the best at those two main objectives. And if you don’t start really honing your craft there, you’re never going to be able to do both at the same time. Shameful.


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Apr.08.2009 The April 8 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with bananas

Hot chick in a bikini peels banana with her feet. Um…yeah, not sure what to make of this one.

-The top 12 signs you haven’t really been watching baseball
-10 of the most hateable MLB players currently playing
-6 couples who can take the pilgrimage to Vermont for gay bliss
-If you’ve got baseball back, there has to be a fight
-A cock measuring contest at your job isn’t the best idea
-Cop beats fan so fans beat cops (funny vid)
-Orthodox Jewish Barbie! (funny pics)
-10 of the most amazing monologues in war movies (actually pretty cool vids)
-The 16 funniest Stormtrooper photos
-10 things you’re probably ashamed to admit you actually think are funny
-How to rescue someone from a fire (funny pic)

-Washington Redskins know how to select cheerleaders: Bikini contests and rap-offs
-Vegetarianism leads to some sexy results
-10 interesting moments in Hooters waitresses
-Anna Faris has pleasantly robust cleavage
-The 10 hottest celebrity sisters
-Sasha Grey: The hottest chick currently taking penises on camera for a living?
-Not enough has been made of Jenna Fischer lately. So here’s pics
-Remember Jessica Simpson’s Country Music career? Yeah…about that…
-Monica RX is all hot and tattooed

Mar.19.2009 The March 19 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with Russia

Excited Russian Idol contestant falls off stage, making Russian Idol far more awesome than our American version

-A gallery of bootyful cheerleaders
-Emmy Rossum is looking foxy in the new Details
-The 10 sexiest Victoria’s Secret commercials ever
-Kelly Andrews is another awesome busty British babe that I’d never heard of until now
-Blake Lively and Leighton Meester dyke out with ice cream
-Hot busty chick dancing in a bikini is alarmingly hypnotic (vid)
-Florida Panthers fan flashes the cameras on live TV (and is way hot for a hockey fan too)
-Game: Is this a cougar or a young celebrity with hot old lady features?

-8 completely pointless pieces of workout equipment
-Iamguiltyof is sort of like FMyLife…and everyone needs as many possible venues as possible to laugh at other people’s tragedies
-HA! Nick Cannon might be broke. Mariah Carey must not be pleased
-What business jargon annoys people the most? This poll answers that question
-Thor loves recreational drug use (funny gif)
-10 cool tricked out cars of pro athletes
-Joaquin Phoenix wears girls’ infomercial products
-Political pundit Glenn Beck cries on TV like a girl (vid)
-This is pretty much the exact reason white guys don’t get to dunk much (funny vid)
-How to handle the buddy of yours who can’t handle his booze
-Here’s why you can never get out of paying attention to March Madness (funny vid)
-Eight videos of Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince dancing to brighten your day
-And the NCAA Tourney is underway so here’s EVERYTHING you need to know about March Madness

Mar.17.2009 The March 17 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with robot models

Japan has robots doing modeling. Sexbots: INCHING CLOSER TO REALITY!

-My favorite funny chick Anna Faris is in GQ looking sexy
-Stephen F. Austin cheerleaders like to get drunk and lez out
-Jenna Jameson gave birth to twins, making that the third largest object to go through her vagina
-Katy Perry’s new video has a lot of dynamic features, like her boobs and butt
-The 10 hottest female Irish celebs
-Brooke Hogan’s stripper pole dance

-Uh why the fuck does Latoya Jackson look like this?
-What happens when your fruit turns against you? (funny vid)
-Man gets balls cut off out of fear of his sexual desires
-The 10 best WWE costumes of all time
-The worst, gayest St. Patrick’s Day ever (funny pic)
-To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, 10 awesome anti-Irish cartoons from when everyone hated the Irish
-Also to celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day, 10 great vomit scenes in movies
-5 things you didn’t know about leprechauns. Sadly omitted: They jerk off in every keg of Guinness
-What not to wear: You might want to avoid S&M gear when you look like this (funny pic)
-7 ways to get back at the bank lenders before they foreclose on you
-Someone got shot with an arrow in NYC. Damn you Sheriff of Nottingham.

Mar.11.2009 The March 11 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with ice cream

Hot European chicks and a midget have an ice cream fight. I have no clue why but this needed to be posted for that reason

-Miss Florida took pics of herself in the nude and has been caught (with links to the NSFW images)
-Audrina Patridge wears a seethrough tanktop, thankfully serving her purpose
-These Britney Spears bikini photos are acceptable bordering on intriguing
-Kelly Clarkson pees in the shower. There, now you can’t un-know that
-Kelly Brook and Mena Suvari are selling Chinese condoms
-Galleries of girls being whores on Spring Break seems timely
-Megan Fox runs errands like any other average non-superhumanly-sexy person
-The 10 hottest moments in SNL history
-An important collection of hot Argentinian asses (NSFWish)
-Hot chicks in slutty cop costumes is pretty hot
-Some slut named Gisele does a Webcam dance (NSFW)
-Another collection of hot celebrity cheerleaders because, frankly, this concept hasn’t been done enough

-This video of Charley the Retarded Cat (well, the cat with a cerebral illness) is incredibly adorable and simultaneously quite hilarious
-You might like this acoustic chick cover of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme
-So this chick is probably too fat to be doing gymnastics (funny vid)
-Surprisingly, Yahoo Answers is not the best place to ask all your silly vagina-related questions
-In honor of Chuck Norris’s 69th birthday yesterday, here are the 10 most awesome things he’s done
-Why do Terminators transport naked? (funny vid)
-The 10 most racist moments ever on TV (vid)
-The top 10 fashion trends for guys that you can read to not feel like such a loser
-This is an awesome site with a collection of entertaining IM logs and it just relaunched. So check it out

Mar.06.2009 The March 6 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with garbage

Crazy redneck lady thrown into dumpster. Take that, women’s rights

-A bunch of hot celebrity legs since you guys always seem to dig hot legs
-Canada now has slutty maids to clean up your house. No sex though. Yet.
-This girl is probably the hottest chick at Ohio State
-Kanye West’s chick has a hot ass but also has a shaved head…so hot or not?
-Hot celebs recreate famous photos for…some reason
-The 10 hottest celebrity cheerleaders of all time
-French chick is probably cold without a shirt

-This PSA is kind of confusing (weirdfunny vid)
-What happens when you paint a dog to look like a Ninja Turtle? This travesty (funny pic)
-Northwest Airlines serves odd foods according to this reporter (funny vid)
-Man attempts to throw brick at cat, hits cop instead
-One sick f’ing dunk (vid)
-Kid tries to Crip walk on a treadmill, fails (don’t shoot me) (vid)
-The Kool-Aid Man barrels through a wall in real life (funny gif)
-Our friend Don Chavez is onto some new poker site that actually seems decent
-Seven good tips for Spring Break survival
-The McGangbang is an amazing combination of McDonald’s food shoved into one sandwich…this is why you’re fat
-10 memorable bathroom scenes in movies
-I love incredibly ridiculous videos of people getting knocked out (vid)

Mar.05.2009 The March 5 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with play fighting

Horseplay leads to an expensive mistake (which, in my house, would lead to an inexpensive stay chained up in the basement for a month)

-There’s a contest for “Ms. Nude Internet”…guess who wasn’t named a judge OR contestant once again. Pricks (with a link to the NSFW stuff)
-The bustiest women of Britain shed their clothes, presumably as some sort of cultural exchange (NSFW)
-Megan Fox has equally attractive front and back sides
-This chick is a superstar surfer, which apparently requires wearing a thong
-Stacy Keibler in a bikini for FHM Australia
-The college cheerleader of the week
-European basketball cheerleaders may very well be hotter than our American friends
-Heidi Klum presents the latest and greatest in breast technology
-Porn ho Puma Swede may be the most candid person on Twitter EVER
-The 10 hottest Superhero movie chicks of all time
-Melissa Rycroft is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader in a bikini
-Hayden Panettiere is in a bikini. How about that?
-A fun diversion…guess the celebrity ass
-A photo collection of hot amateur chicks being sort of slutty but not too slutty is one I can get behind

-Woman playing the part of Helen Keller falls off the stage, tee hee (vid)
-I’m not entirely sure why someone put this on a Walgreen’s sign (funny pic)
-The best photo of Andre the Giant, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Wilt Chamberlain you’ll see today
-Fun with Nazis!
-This may very well be the best death scene ever (vid)
-And here’s why the Smurfs are communists
-This woman seems to be capable of controlling sharks (vid)
-A friendly reminder that Mormons want to have sex with all of you (funny vid)
-15 of the geekiest wedding rings ever
-Pretty cool…a collection of photos of stars when they were kids
-The top 10 hypeworthy guy movies of 2009
-An epic prank by the kids at College Humor ends hilariously (funny vid)

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