Feb.27.2009 The February 27 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with rednecks

Rednecks blow up a house with a cannon because they’re smart.

-Vegas newspaper showcases the most successful hookers around. Really.
-Kristy Ann looks like the perfect woman. Probably because she’s half-naked and shiny
-Oh Hot Drunk College Girl Peeing in Sink, you emanate class (pic)
-15 Greek women who are attractive and Greek and attractive and also Greek
-Oh Aubrey O’Day, why you gots to be so sexy
-Golfers have hot wives too? Seriously?
-Malin Ackerman is the hot chick in Watchmen you haven’t heard of
-Is it possible that Marisa Miller has the best cleavage in the history of the world? Yes. It is.
-The sexiest girls of the ACC are sexy, college-aged
-I would like to be invited to this Brazilian bikini party
-Victoria Silvstedt had a nip slip (vid)
-A naked hot chick takes all of your important questions

-A collection of haikus is as funny as it is full of salty meat products (they’re about bacon)
-This is pretty cool…European art project shows regular people clothed and unclothed (click the images to see the unclothed versions…NSFW obvs)
-Help our friends at Asylum by taking their poll on partying and the recession
-A fuckload of Viagra and a 12 hour orgy can kill you. Good to know
-Is Max Headroom the creepiest spokesperson ever? (vid)
-“Grandpa, can you not stare at us like that?” (funny pic)
-5 people that turn work conference calls into a nightmare (ohhhh office humor)
-The 5 most unintentionally gay horror movies
-The top 10 cover-ups of all time
-The top 10 exceptionally inappropriate Pokemon videos
-Cat causes stampede and a robbery

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Feb.18.2009 The February 18 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with cheerleaders

Male cheerleader crushes his female compatriot’s guts…not in the good way

-Jenn Sterger doesn’t have a sex tape, allegedly, but does take photos in her lingerie for this post
-Minka Kelly is hot even when dressed down
-Bianca Gascoigne is busty and a drunk. My kind of gal
-The 11 hottest daughters of rockstars
-THANK GOD…Audrina Patridge is back in a bikini!!!
-My what a sexy coffee table (NSFWish)
-So that’s what Nicole Scherzinger’s nipple looks like (spoiler: SO DISAPPOINTING and link to NSFW image)
-Jessica Biel pretends a sausage is a penis in this candid photo
-Katy Perry is that dorky bitch you should have fucked in high school
-Gisele Bundchen takes in fashion show, forgets bra
-Sexy blond boxer banned from fighting due to her big fake boobs
-Fergie in a bikini is delightful (ignore the haters)
-Maxim Brazil is good at finding hot Brazilian chicks for some reason
-Carla Gugino shows off her mammary glands in a see-through top in the new Details
-And a hot Venezuelan chick with a big ass

-Working out can cause orgasms, eh? Even more reason to be less of a fatty
-Creepy toys children deserve better than
-Best Mistress competition leads to a woman driving off a cliff
-Replying to my favorite SPAM emails
-Roadside flasher wreaks havoc in Iowa
-New IPhone app lets you compare what your girlfriend says to what “The Perfect Girlfriend” would say…awesome
-The 10 funniest Onion News Network videos of all time
-The inner monologue of a married guy during sex
-Here’s 5 great ideas for new career paths for Chris Brown (funny)
-10 great ways to get your relationship to SLOW DOWN if it’s going too fast
-9 bizarre methods once used to wipe someone’s ass
-The top 10 Punk’d pranks of all time

Jan.22.2009 Brazilian Miss World finalist loses hands, feet

It’s so sad when pretty people have atrocities thrust upon them. Such is the case of Brazilian former Miss World finalist Mariana Bridi who had to have her feet and hands amputated after an infection.


A two-time Miss World finalist has had her hands and feet amputated after being struck down with an infection.

Brazilian model Mariana Bridi, 20, had emergency surgery this week after she fell ill with a virus that spread to her blood.

Doctors took the heartbreaking decision to amputate her feet when the poison spread to her blood and cut off her circulation.

Then they decided they would have to remove her hands as well.

Her devastated boyfriend Thiago Simoes said: ‘We are all absolutely distraught and are just praying now that she can pull through.’

I’m surprised the quote from her boyfriend didn’t just say “See ya” as he left a swarthy Brazilian man-sized hole in the wall. No offense to Mariana because I’m sure her personality is awesome and her boyfriend isn’t at all with her for her looks, but can you think of a worse fate for a pretty woman to go through other than perhaps a bucket of acid being thrown in her face or her vagina being sealed with concrete? It’s pretty rough to date a chick whose effectiveness in walking and/or jerking you off is basically equivalent to Flipper.


Jan.12.2009 The January 12 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with cars

Wow. What a female driver.

-Kelly Brook is adorable in her little sailor suit
-ESPN’s Erin Andrews has a similarly hot sister
-A collection of the hot celebs at the Golden Globes
-Brazilian bikini twins look good
-Odette Yustman owns that attractive ass you’ve seen in posters for the film “The Unborn”
-I don’t know this Ashley Benson but she’s just really cute
-The most epic breasts you’ll see today (pic)
-Eva Lashkari is a Greek goddess
-<3 Kim Kardashian's ass in spandex
-Lara Carmo is the International Babe of the Day
-How to make a viral video. Hint: Boobs
-The 101 hottest AFC and NFC Championship cheerleaders (epic cheerleader hotness)

-Japanese guy gets inappropriate with a blackface impression
-5 ridiculous motorcycle stunt videos (video)
-Rednecks have all the best tricks (video)
-How to figure out if you’re an annoying drunk
-The Bush Years, as told by MAD Magazine
-Two chicks brawl at the beach. Hot (video)
-What to do when your chick’s best friend is a guy (does not involve murder, unfortunately)

Sep.19.2008 The September 19 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with dumpster diving

Some kid slips and falls into a dumpster. Not to be confused with a cum dumpster i.e. your mom.

-Michelle Moya has that busty Hawaiian look that I really enjoy
-10 end zone celebrations that’d be awesome to see
-Barack Obama’s email was hacked (but not really, photoshop Phun)
-Skater breaks his wrist (w/ video)
-7 WWE ways to make the Ryder Cup more awesome

-Brazilian TV has a bikini babe food fight (w/ video)
-College freshmen make lots of mistakes
-An insider’s guide to betting on NFL games this weekend
-Auburn University is full of vaginas (both literally and figuratively)
-Genevieve Chappel is ESPN’s hottest MILF

-10 cheerleaders gone bad
-Mila Kunis has mesmerizing legs
-Karina Jelinek, boobs
-Charlize Theron enjoys frolicking on the beach

Sep.12.2008 The September 12 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with Shamu

How to successfully make an ass out of yourself at Sea World

-An awesome collection of innuendo-filled signs
-Brazilian booty dancing (w/ a very important video for very important people)
-Gemma Atkinson’s boobs are indeed in your face
-The definitive 25 sexiest sportscasters
-Peyton Manning is a king of comedy

-This monkey is amazing with kung fu (w/ funny video)
-Heidi Klum is pretty in red lipstick
-Gina Gershon as bikini-wearing, gun-toting Sarah Palin is pretty awesome (w/ video)
-The ASP World Tour has some of the hottest women around in surfing

-Follow-up from my post this morning…So is Jessica Simpson fat or pregnant?
-It’s a Friday Poon Hunt
-Ohio State has a quad full of sexy girls in bikinis
-This is officially a fuckload of Big Macs