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Apr.16.2009 The April 16 Hot Link Orgy

The hottest orgy with grilled cheese

Aria Giovanni is proof that boobs will make you watch anything, including her making a grilled cheese sandwich

-Dogs…just being adorable. I don’t know why I, but I love these pics
-Your 33 favorite childhood toys
-The teabag protest puns are getting a bit out of hand
-Here’s why you can’t pee on old ladies, no matter how much you’d like to
-10 things not to say on a first date
-10 awesome videos of reporters being owned
-Pork and beans results in a man getting stabbed. Yeah, really
-6 superheroes who completely lost their shit
-10 amazing hotel views (actually kind of cool)
-The 10 funniest movie fight scenes
-The 10 most visually stunning movies of the last 10 years
-10 pics of people sleeping at work
-Interspecies animal sex is funny and arousing! Uh, just funny (funny pics)
-Reproductive organs: The best tax write off of all

-Hot cheerleading coach who posed for Playboy and got fired can now be purchased!
-Izabel Goulart? More like Izabel Goul…I want to have sex with her.
-The 10 hottest Biblical babes (mmm sacrilicious)
-Cute blonde Summer likes a lack of shirts and booty shorts
-The top 100 wives/girlfriends of footballers
-Sexy chick or hot chick? Guess whether the chick with the covered face is hot or not (fun game)
-Amateur girls showing off their bras? Sure, why not
-Drew Barrymore’s nipple is saying hey (link to NSFW)

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Apr.13.2009 Fat lady versus polar bear ends how you’d expect

Polar bears are known for being douchebags. They’re always starting fights in bars and making racist comments under their breath at inopportune times. So it should come as no shock that when a fat lady (brilliantly) decided to jump into their midst, they don’t handle it with much grace.


The 32-year-old leapt over bars at Berlin Zoo during the bears’ feeding time yesterday.

Despite six zookeepers’ efforts to distract the four predators kept in the enclosure, the woman was bitten several times on her arms and legs.

It is not known why the woman pulled the dangerous stunt but she initially appeared to be elated as she swam towards a bear in the enclosure.

It is not easy to access the enclosure, which is surrounded by a fence, a line of prickly hedges and a wall.

Oh but this image (and several more at the Daily Mail) isn’t enough? Well, good news! Video!

It kind of sucks that the polar bears are totally going to get in trouble for this. You know what polar bears do? They eat things. Especially things with the muscle tone of a cattle at a meat farm that leap towards them. That’s pretty much breakfast in bed for a polar bear. You might as well get mad at me if you pass out somewhere within a 4 mile radius of my bed. Hey, if you didn’t want to wake up with me snoring in your ear and crusted baby Chrises on your stomach, then maybe one less shot of Patron would have been prudent.


Apr.08.2009 A camera has been strapped to an eagle

Most people have wanted to fly (and ejaculate bulletspeed loads) like Superman. Now, one of those can be a simulated reality (not the load one). Check out what the view is from a camera strapped to a back of an eagle.

I’ve always loved the idea of birds. They fly majestically and freely taking in views of the world that we can’t see without spending hundreds of dollars while cramped next to a fat woman who is complaining that her chicken cacciatore isn’t served in a large enough portion. So of course, what do we do? Trap them in cages and make them shit on newspapers. Oh humans. One day, we’re going to get our comeuppance and it’s going to involve lots and lots of bear rape.

Apr.06.2009 Camel gets hit by car, lives to…do more…cameling

I’m not entirely sure what makes this clip so amusing to me. It might be how horrified the female anchor is or how the male anchor goes, “Of course this was in India,” but man, this just works.

I do enjoy how the camel just got up and walked away. Let that be a lesson to all you naysayers out there who think that Joe Camel isn’t good to have on cigarette boxes. Who’s a better role model: This car crash surviving camel made even cooler with sunglasses and a leather jacket or some guy with a hole in his throat who complains about not being able to swim or have a successful ventriloquist act any more? Answer: Probably the camel. Unless you really want to have sex with a tracheotomy hole. In which case, hey, live the dream man. Not like he can do a whole lot of fighting back.

I don’t think there are many camels named Joe though, which kind of ruins it. Mahmoud Camel is much less catchy for my American sensibilities.

Mar.31.2009 This dog is singing and playing piano

I think it’s safe to say that I would, and did, watch this about 20 times. Here is Porter. He’s a dog. And he is SINGING and PLAYING PIANO.

In actuality, this is probably how Steve Wonder and Ray Charles’ performances should have turned out. If I were a blind dude and you put me in front of a piano, I’d just stare at you…er…in your general direction and be like, “You fucking kidding me?” So I admire this dog’s bravery in his performance. And I’m pretty sure he shits on the floor about as often as those aforementioned blind pianists too and is more amenable to being scratched behind the ears. Dog: 1, talented blind people: 0.

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Mar.30.2009 Goose is asshole, tries to rape dog

I guess I’m not actually sure what the goose’s intent is but man, it does not seem pleased with the dog on a boat in this video.

This dog must have killed the goose’s mother. There’s no other reason for the goose to have gone as apeshit as it did. Unless it’s like, racist against dogs. That happens right? I mean, maybe not as organized or as potent as our racism, but I can’t be wrong for thinking that geese see a dog moving in next door and go, “Well there goes our property values.”

In reality, it’s probably revenge for Duck Hunt. For over 20 years, dogs have been smarmily laughing at the deaths of thousands upon thousand of flying fowl. It’s basically been a duck holocaust situation. So maybe the goose isn’t the villain here. If nothing else, I think we can agree that the human there has a fucking stupid accent and should have punched the goose in the face. Humans…can’t live with them etc.

[thanks to carl for the tip]

Mar.30.2009 Quote of the Day

A woman named Nutt has a house that’s now overrun by squirrels. Her son Buster was unavailable for comment.

A woman in Northern Ireland says her home has been over-run by grey squirrels.

Oonagh Nutt, from Moira in County Down, says the animals first came into her garden from an adjoining park six years ago, but in the last 18 months they got too close for comfort.

“I thought it was lovely, I called one of them Hazel but then the next thing they’d got into the house,” she said.

Mrs Nutt says the squirrels have caused serious damage: “They chewed their way through my roof in several places, they tunnel through the cavity walls, they live under the floor boards, they go to the toilet in the attic.

“Up close they are quite frightening - they look like puppy dogs with big hands, they growl and bark at you, they’re vicious things. They’ll go for you.”


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