Mar.19.2009 Walrus plays saxophone!

I’d be lying if I said I was doing the correct amount of work I should be doing today due to March Madness so, fuck it, here’s a walrus who can play a saxophone.

Seeing this walrus play the saxophone and dance really makes me feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in life. Granted, I’m not a walrus who’s undoubtedly being fed buckets full of dead fish every day just to even get the behavioral training to pick up the saxophone, but still. I mean, I like fish. And I also enjoy jazzy tunes and having a handlebar mustache. Yet here I am in my cubicle like an asshole while walruses (walrii?) are out there getting all the fish and sexy walrusjazz groupies. So basically if you see a walrus out there with his jazzy beret and saxophone case, feel free to punch him for me. What’s he going to do, play some muzak back at you? He’ll do nothing and like it.

[thanks to Irfan for the tip]

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